you said you would steal my heart.

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A thousand unspoken words flowed between them…

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I love these Brallie accounts :) you could add them to your list? brallieisendgame, teambrallie, theteambrallie
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the fosters blogs

because i’ve been previously asked to recommend / promote certain the fosters blogs, i feel like a cool thing to do would be to make a comprehensive list of all the fosters blogs there are, no matter if they’re multifandom/dedicated to one part of the show. 

so i started this list last year, and i’d really like to add as many blogs as possible, so feel free to ask or submit your blog/another the fosters blog, and please tell me if you’d like to be listed under a certain type of blog.

i’ll personally add some of my favourite blogs to the list, but if you’d like your url taken down, feel free to inform me. thank you! 

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1x10 // 2x10
"You deserve to have everything you want."
"I gave up so much to be adopted."

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Brandon and how he l o o k s at Callie (◠‿◠✿) (1/?)

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your eyes light up when you talk about him.

  that’s because he’s my best friend

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thefostersabcf: Happy Saturday! #thefosters

thefostersabcfHappy Saturday! #thefosters

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